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May 20, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to Comic-Con raconteur Anastasia Washington about her Nerd GOAT: She-Ra! One of the greatest riff-fests we've ever done.

Anastasia is a comedian, actress, producer, host and singer. She hosts the podcasts NERD UP OR SHUT UP and LEGION OF LEIA. She runs the production company UNREALIZED TALENT. Follow...

May 13, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to Comedy Store regular Brian Simpson about his Nerd GOAT: Grand Admiral Thrawn! The only character to make it out alive from the Star Wars EU!

Brian is a super-funny standup, and he hosts the podcast BS WITH BRIAN SIMPSON, a ranting, skeptical take on life and pop culture. Follow Brian @bscomedian on

May 6, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to actor/musician Myk Watford about his Nerd GOAT: Michael Myers from Halloween! Which reminds us: We need WAY more GOAT villains.

Myk is a fantastic actor who’s shown up all over primetime television, in shows from Justified to Person of Interest to Law & Order, NCIS and CSI. This year, he's had roles...

Apr 29, 2019

Ron and Ed welcome legendary TV writer Marc Scott Zicree to talk about his Nerd GOAT: Mr. Spock! Our most profound story yet of how a GOAT can impact a life.

Marc has written hundreds of hours of television, for everything from He-Man, The Smurfs and The Real Ghostbusters as a young man, to Star Trek: The Next...

Apr 22, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to veteran comedian Gil Garibaldo about his Nerd GOAT: Bojack Horseman!

Gil is a longtime friend of the show and a very funny comedian on the LA scene. Check out some of his skits on his YouTube channel GRINGO SKETCH! Follow him @gilgaribaldo on Instagram and @gilgaribaldont on Twitter!