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Sep 2, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to Screen Junkies' Dan Murrell about his Nerd GOAT: Chief Brody! Y'all know Dan. Know how he earns a livin'. He'll defend this GOAT for ya.

Dan is a veritable Screen Junkies legend, an all-time MOVIE FIGHTS all-star, and Ed's on-screen nemesis! They break the kayfabe BUT GOOD in this episode. Dan also hosts the box office breakdown show CHARTING WITH DAN, and is a regular contributor to both SCREEN JUNKIES UNIVERSE and HONEST TRAILERS. Follow @murrelldan on Twitter and Instagram!

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“There are destroyers. That’s me. And there are people who assemble. That’s you.”

“Spielberg and the actors and Carl Gottlieb would go and drink – particularly Robert Shaw – and riff. And Carl Gottlieb would sit and tickety tack tack tack, sit at the typewriter and type up pages for the next day. And it’s like, ‘That’s no way to make a movie!’ And yet.”

“I still have nightmares where I fall into the tank on the Jaws ride at Universal Studios. Strangely, never stalked by the real shark, it’s always the fake one.”

“You have in Quint, Hooper and Brody the same sort of classic triad you have in Kirk, Spock and McCoy.”

“In the end it sounds like, not only did he conquer it, he punched it right in the dick.”

“He’s a marine photographer but he also has grenades.”

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