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Jan 27, 2020

Ed and Ron go EEEEVIL with returning guest Rick Wood and his villain GOAT: Skeletor! Hear Rick's Skeletor impression go off the rails in all the best ways.


NEW ON THE PATREON: A Deep Dive into RISE OF SKYWALKER and The Overall State of STAR WARS!!

Rick is a comedian whose love for Skeletor is matched only by his indifference toward the MOTU lore. But don't worry, Ed and Ron are there to sate the stans. Follow Rick for highly retweetable hilarity @rickw00d on Twitter and Instagram.


“You’re still tying your shirt closed like it’s a f**king Chuck Taylor, and meanwhile your friend’s made out of robotic parts.”

“Skeletor was bad…at management.”

“Is that your Hans Gruber headcanon right there? Is that the backstory you’ve invented?”

“‘Attack what, He-Man? You and your royal family? You want to secure a place of privilege above the proletariat!’”

“He. Man. He’s so anchored in his gender identity. Skeletor’s like, ‘I’m stripping it down to what we all are beneath! I’m fluid!’”

“Welcome to Nerd GOAT, for the wokest takes on a toy commercial you can possibly get.”

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