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Feb 3, 2020

Ron and Ed talk to pro artist Ryan Ebelt about his Nerd GOAT: Mad Max Rockatansky! Is this franchise better than Star Wars? Someone might make that argument...


NEW ON THE PATREON: A Deep Dive into RISE OF SKYWALKER and The Overall State of STAR WARS!!

Ryan is the in-house artist for blockbuster comedy podcast KILL TONY! Check out all of his amazing work at Follow @ryanjebelt on Twitter, Tumblr, and most importantly Instagram.


“I don’t talk to the regular people because I’m smarter and better than them. I talk to this gentleman.”

“You seem like a sewer kid.”

“You gotta hang out with some f**king crazy goth chicks. Which was like my bread-and-butter when I was a youngster.”

“He’s almost the opposite of Charon, the guy who used to take people to the underworld, in that everyone’s in this hellish landscape, and he ends up being the sort of reverse — like he delivers them into safety.”

“Oh my f**king god. They Lion King’d me! And I didn’t see it.”

“Your average person is, unfortunately, too stupid to watch documentaries.”

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