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Mar 2, 2020

Ed and Ron talk to cosplayer Stephanie Sandmeier about her Nerd GOAT: Mulan! Learn the history of a cultural icon, and her crucial links to Matt Damon and Danny Osmond.

Stephanie hosts the super-enjoyable mukbang show FOODIE FUNCTION on NerdBot Media. She's also a passionate cosplayer who will be slaying as Mulan at Wondercon! And she's the resident hardass on MyxTV's docu-drama THE DOLL LIFE. Follow @StephanieSandmeier on Instagram!


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“It was the one on the toilet, I think.” “First of all, Ron, half of them are on the toilet.”

“I used to speak Korean, but then I was teased a lot as a child at school, so I like subdued it in my subconscious and now I don’t remember anything.”

“Since I don’t even know the difference between the Huns and Genghis Khan, maybe I should not talk any shit.”

“Of his own volition, he decided to dress up as a black person, and go out into the world in blackface, and try to live that way for a day. And he will tell you how great of a job he did.”

“Does Mushu ever become a big dragon? Is he a little baby dragon because his species is little?” “Uh, he gets killed by Matt Damon. That’s canon, bro.”

“At the end, he realizes she’s a girl and goes: ‘Wow, I realized I had so much feelings for you. That means I’m motherf**king gay, dawg.’”

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