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Mar 9, 2020

Ron and Ed talk to Emma Fyffe about her Nerd GOAT: Tifa Lockhart! We go big for International Women's Day with an epic episode about an epic franchise.

ANNOUNCING: Emma's brand new podcast NOT SAFE FOR WEEBS, a celebration of the greatest and most controversial ships in anime and video games! Emma is one of the greatest geek presenters around!. Also see her alongside Ed hosting SCREEN JUNKIES UNIVERSE every week. Follow @EmmaFyffe on Twitter, Instagram and!


COMING SOON ON PATREON: Our Wildest Encounters with Celebrities!

CHECK OUT ON INSTAGRAM: Ron gets frisky with @dadbodand


“I would love to smoke the page on Elvish. Just imagine rollin’ up a big fattie on the Elvish page!”

“The property that we’re discussing today is also one of the things that really skyrocketed me into being an otaku.”

“Ed, you failed us all! YouTube might still be okay if you had been PewDiePie instead of PewDiePie!” “I know! At least when I use the n-word, nobody cares!”

“This idea that everybody’s entitled to love something however they want - like every fandom is valid:  True or not true? And I’m gonna need a hard answer on this.”

“If you’re doing a Nerd GOAT Podcast marathon out there, you can have a ‘shitting on Rob Liefeld’ drinking game. You’ll be hammered.”

“Look, there’s probably a few angry boners out there.” “Oh, there’s a lot of angry boners out there.”

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