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Mar 23, 2020

Ron, Ed and Producer Bill Skype from a safe distance to talk about an under-the-radar GOAT currently in development at Marvel Studios: Moon Knight!


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“They took that very prototypical version of a character, and they made him a misunderstood monster, which is always at the baseline of everything Marvel does.”

“There was a tenement building that was on fire, and Moon Knight was, like, made of the building?”

“It’s almost glomming on all the things that it takes to make a Batman and a Daredevil, just puttin’ ’em all in a jar of wasps and shakin’ ‘em up and you get Moon Knight.”

“They’re not trying to make it look like his dedication LOOKS like craziness to us mere mortals. No. This motherf**ker is crazy.”

“Bushman was his Vincent from Pulp Fiction. They used to roll around doing crimes together, however Bushman went a little too far, got a little too wild.”

“He wants everybody else to think: ‘I’m a bat! I’m an urban legend! Maybe I’m not even human!’ But HE knows. Marc Spector does NOT. Marc Spector does not acknowledge that limitation.”

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