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Jan 29, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to Natalie Hazen about her Nerd GOAT (and spirit animal): Jerri Blank!

Jerri was a the focus of the short-lived but insanely hilarious show Strangers With Candy, which launched the careers of Amy Sedaris (Jerri) and Stephen Colbert, among others. Jerri was a 47-year-old former prostitute and hardcore drug addict who got clean and enrolled in high school.

Natalie is a comedy writer who's contributed to shows on Netflix, Comedy Central, the Food Network, and the Nerdist Network. She is the host of the Scriptease Podcast. Natalie can be found on Twitter (@NatalieHazen), Instagram (@NatHaze) and at her own website,!


"It's like a Scared Straight nightmare goes to DeGrassi."

"You could look like fucking shit in the 70s and still be super famous."

"I just saw blood squirting out of a neck stump."

"Say frer jacques, motherfucker, RIGHT NOW!"

"I can see Jerri Blank fucking Donald Trump."


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