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Feb 26, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to comic creator Omar Spahi about his Nerd GOAT: The Flash!

Omar is a writer, producer and entrepreneur who founded OSSM Comics in 2012. OSSM has published ten titles, including Omar's epic original series Xenoglyphs! OSSM is currently Kickstarting the complete Xenoglyphs collected edition – make a pledge and check out a book that combines myth, magic and globe-hopping adventure!

Follow Omar on Instagram @ospahi or on Twitter @xenoglyphs


"Ed, I like you, but if I could fly and had super-strength? Later bitch."

"When he slows down and you punch him...He just gets knocked out."

"You could meld redhead, freckle-faced Wally West with the African-American Wally West and make a Blake Griffin-looking dude!"

"The next level of hipster douchebag names: just naming your kids concepts, like 'C'mere Teleportation! Get off the damn swings!'"

"Flash doing Postmates, he'd be so fucking rich."

"People just getting smacked in the face for being pieces of shit...And they'd call me the Ghost Smack!"

Catch Ed on Screen Junkies' upcoming Evolution of the Black Superhero panel!

If you're in Seattle for the Emerald City Comic-Con on MARCH 3, 2018, catch Ron on the Sketch Fighter Panel, where comic artists pair with comedians to play ludicrous games of Pictionary!

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