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Apr 2, 2018

Ron and Ed talk to Brandie Posey, who pioneered the mash-up of standup and animation, about her Nerd GOAT: Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise!

Brandie is a comedian and producer whose ground-breaking standup show Picture This sees talented artists bring comedians' stories to life in real time. It's now in development for TV! Brandie also co-hosts the blockbuster podcast Lady to Lady, which is hilarious, feminist, and awesome. Follow Brandie @brandazzle on Twitter and Instagram, and see all of her amazing work at


"You used to be 'Zombie Shark Girl' to me, and I used to be 'Waterfall of Bitches' to other people."

"Here's another alien for Kirk to rape."

"The universe is here to be seen, see as much of it as possible!"

"Look girl, I build ships in bottles. I will handle your cooch."

"Wisdom is like smart without ego."

"If you are a single, non-creepy dude and you're in Las Vegas, the Magic Mike show is where you should pick up women afterwards."

"Just think about like, how many cultures of cunnilingus does Data have in his head?"


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