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Apr 9, 2018

Ed and Ron welcome one of the godfathers of comics podcasting, Juan Manuel Rocha, who brings us back to the 90s with his Nerd GOAT: Spawn!

Juan is the co-creator of the O.G. Nerdmelt podcast Comics on Comics, which has been kicking ass for 13 years. Catch Comics On Comics live at San Diego Comic-Con again this year, along with Juan's Spanish language Comics con Comics. Follow @comicsoncomics on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

On a personal note, Ed, Ron and the Nerd G.O.A.T. team bid a fond farewell to the Nerdmelt Showroom in Los Angeles. It was like the Florence of the geek culture Renaissance, and we'll miss it.


"There's a story of Rob Liefeld running himself over with his own Ferrari."

"That's the thing about Spawn, there's these angels and there's these demons, but it's not about good and evil. Because they're both dicks!"

"The intelligence to let people smarter than you do something is an intelligence I wish more people had."

"Image Comics: No no no no-toooorious!...for being late."

"The pitch would be like 'An action version of The Good Place.' PRINT MONEY!"

"The guy who became him was black." "Well now he's really black." "Literally burnt! He's like a steak you left on the grill too long."

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