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Apr 16, 2018

Ron and Ed celebrate Action Comics #1000 with talk show host Stuart B. Thompson discussing his Nerd GOAT: Soviet Superman from Mark Millar's Red Son!

Stuart co-hosts Late Night with Stuart and Luke every month at the Hollywood Improv, and it's the craziest talk show you've ever seen. If you can't make it to the live show, subscribe to The Late Night Podcast with Stuart and Luke, and follow the show @thel8nightshow on Twitter. Follow Stuart himself @stuartbthompson on Twitter and Instagram, or follow everything at!


"The highest level of lazy nerds become cats in bookstores when we die."

"Superman is a character an only child would create. Where it's like, 'I want all the cool powers, I want no one to be able to beat me, because I don't have perspective on winning and losing!'"

"If you're good enough, and you do everything you set out to do, there will come a point where we don't need you."

"That's why white supremacy survives, in a nutshell. Nobody wants to dismantle it because it's their dad's."

"Sometimes when I'm reading DC Comics, the explanations of how they became a superhero or a supervillain sounds like someone fell asleep while they wrote it."

"There are times I wish my parents hugged me less so I would enjoy reading more."

"Superman Justice Warrior! He's just flying around in Birkenstocks." "Guys, we're cracking this safe, we almost got away with the money...Oh no, I smell patchouli."

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