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May 7, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to American Wannabes co-host Christian Zaragoza about his Nerd GOAT: Kylo Ren! Let the hate flow through you...Good, good...

Christian is a Los Angeles comedian who fronts the hilarious podcast AMERICAN WANNABES alongside Jerry Garcia and Jesus Sepulveda. Every episode is a deep dive into their lives as first-generation Mexican-Americans, and it almost always devolves into scandal or argument. Subscribe, rate and review them on Apple PodcastsStitcher, Spotify, Facebook or wherever you pod. And follow Christian @chriszpics on Instagram!


"He did something Darth Vader never could."

"I know why people don't like him, and I realize why I'm not supposed to like him."

"You sell a little coke to buy your mom a house, next thing you know your momma got three houses, you're still selling coke. Why you keep selling coke?!"

"'Kill these fools real quick, then you can come down and join the Dark Side.' And they're all like, 'He would NEVER -- Oh, my guts!'"

"Kylo Ren is courting the Alt-Right of space."

"Do we see Smurf dick?"

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