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Jun 4, 2018

Ed and Ron welcome expert on weirdos John Fahy to talk about his Nerd GOAT: Kang The Conqueror! Probably the most bonkers weirdo to ever maim The Avengers...

John is a comedian who hosts the podcast Profiles in Eccentricity, about history's biggest assholes, rebels and nutjobs. Follow John @johnfahyyouknow on Twitter and Instagram!


"He's killing somebody, and he slows down time, so he can turn to the other guy, and smile at you while you're watching him kill your friend!"

"Remember, he's Kang The Conqueror. He's not Kang The Real Introspective Gentleman Who Likes To Make Good Decisions."

"If Kang figured out a way to be Beyonce, I think he'd like it."

"He literally doesn't have time for this shit." "And because he can time travel, he's never too old for this shit!"

"It's something about the powerlessness that you kind of have in life. And he's a reminder of that, and that's what makes him so villainous and terrifying to me."

"You know when you're so pleased with something you're seething?!”

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