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Jan 14, 2019

Ed and Ron welcome the incomparable Tim Powers to talk about his Nerd GOAT: The Monkees! The fake band that became real. Trust us. You need to hear this sh*t.

Tim is a voice actor, radio personality and hysterical standup. He hosts DEEP DISH RADIO, where he interviews all the greatest rock stars, authors, artists and entertainers, while spinning an eclectic selection of incredible music. He and comics legend Jon Bogdanove co-host the podcast IT’S CLOBBERING’ TIME, in which they re-read and review the great American novel that is the original Lee/Kirby Fantastic Four. Follow his show @deepdishradio on Twitter!


“Don’t you hate when your ex-wife floats back to shore?”

“There was the one with the hat, the one without a hat, the English one and the dumb one.”

“They held the number one spot for 30 of 52 weeks. Michael Jackson is the only person to break that record.”

“‘Rush’ doesn’t get to be white! They’re Canadian!”

“Satan says, ‘Well, I’ve got a contract.’ Mike, the leader of the group, says, ‘Welp. If your contract is valid, it’ll hold up in court, right?’”

“Yes, this is what I want! Straight Sith-lord lightning between my fingers: ‘Yesss, rock and roll depravity from these wholesome bands!’”

“The author said what attracted her to the show was her perception of the fact that these were four musicians with magical powers.

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