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Mar 25, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to ScreenJunkies' Logan Rees about his Nerd GOAT: Tyler Durden, from Fight Club! First rule of Nerd GOAT? Tell your friends about Nerd GOAT.

Logan is a writer, a composer, and one of the main voices behind the various ScreenJunkies platforms. Find his musings daily on SJ's Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and Facebook feeds! Follow Logan @jlrees on Twitter, and check out all of his work – including his dope musical composing – on!


“Dude, this dude is such a cuck he gets cucked by himself, bro.”

“One of the reasons why I like this movie and why it is such a divisive movie is because people don’t realize that it is supposed to be a warning call.”

“The fact that we have the health system we have means that we’ve all bought in to: ‘If I can’t make enough money, I don’t even deserve to live.’”

“He’s got so much in common with Beyoncé.”

“If you’re in a shitty town, don’t smoke weed in that town! It’ll keep you there.”

“Those AIDS-era fighting techniques involving your own blood? That’s always a winner!”

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