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Jun 10, 2019

Ron and Producer Bill talk to Nerd GOAT's own Ed Greer about his GOAT: John Wick! Journey from Ed's secret origin to our most gonzo Battle Royale ever!

Aside from hosting your favorite podcast, Ed is a twice-weekly contributor to SCREEN JUNKIES UNIVERSE (Mondays and Wednesdays) and a featured performer on Comedy Central's new hit showcase THE NEW NEGROES. His signature blend of intelligence and wit graces comedy stages and convention panels across the country, and you should definitely subscribe to his Patreon to support his endeavors. Follow @edgreerdestroys on Twitter and Instagram!


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“Straight up, I was a corny bitch. And they needed to beat it outta me.”

“This morning, Gregor Samsa awoke and discovered he was a rapper.”

“I know what it’s like…to have a giant woman kick you in the chest to the point where you fly off the mat.”

“I’m not a fan of the shaky camera thing, personally. I think the goal is to make you feel like you’re in the fight? But I don’t wanna feel like I’m in a fight when I watch a movie.”

“At a certain point, it’s beyond your skills. It’s about the rep.”

“The best bulletproof costume is in this movie about assassins. The most fluid, best cast, as far as doing action, isn’t in a Batman movie, isn’t f**king Captain America, frankly. It’s god damn John Wick. And then the world? Is as complete as most worlds in Marvel.”

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