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Oct 2, 2019

Billy Business joins the Nerd GOAT Crew to officially announce the joint limited series REBOOT IT, kicking off with a live show Sunday October 13 at Los Angeles Comic-Con!

THE PANEL: How To Reboot Batman w/ Billy Business and the Nerd GOAT Crew

DATE: Sunday, October 13

TIME: 2:30 pm - 3:50 pm


From Ed, Ron and Producer Bill, the excavators of pop culture’s greatest stories, and Billy Business, the purveyor of fandom’s most controversial opinions, comes a 6-episode limited podcast series of epic proportions. REBOOT IT is part behind-the-scenes analysis, part wish fulfillment fantasy, part gonzo brainstorm, and ALL put-up-or-shut-up. Some of the most popular critics in geek culture put their money where their mouth is and plot reboots of Hollywood’s most sacrosanct franchises, one studio at a time. For the pilot episode? Warner Brothers’ BATMAN.

On REBOOT IT, it doesn’t matter whether the reboot should happen. It only matters what we do with it.

Live before your eyes, the guys will break creative, plot the universe, cast the franchise and fill all the key positions, in a bid to make the Dark Knight movie to rule them all. Buckle up, because Nerd GOAT and Billy Business are about to show Hollywood how it’s done.

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