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Sep 30, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to The Goods from the Woods' Carter Glascock about his Nerd GOAT: Rick Deckard from Blade Runner! Part 2 of THE ROBOT GOAT APOCALYPSE!

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The Robot GOAT Apocalypse part 3 drops next week, and it's a cinema icon even greater than Deckard! So far we've covered the GOAT A.I. and the GOAT android...Who is the GOAT cyborg?!

Carter is a standup comedian who co-hosts our podcast cousin THE GOODS FROM THE WOODS. Check out Ed's recent episode "Bad Superheroes" for more from this dynamic duo and the ever-erudite Rivers Langley. Carter also plays bass in the band HUSBAND STITCH. Check them out! Follow @carter_glascock on Twitter and @doctorclark on Instagram!


“I write for the Pepperdine Peckerwood.”

“I looked like I was just escaping this child sex slave ring after I set it on fire.”

“I’m the Archie Bunker of this podcast. I think that’s been established.”

“It’s, in essence, two toasters running off to have a f**king affair instead of just being your g*d damn toaster for the rest of their lives.”

“I should have a rich person’s skull f**king as a hat on, right now, if there was any justice.”

“He may be a robot, but he is still an idiot.”

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