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May 27, 2020

Ron and Ed drive a Pinto to 1980s Los Angeles to talk about an action-comedy Nerd GOAT: Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop! An iconic rogue cop that broke the trope.


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May 5, 2020

Ed and Ron dangle from the edge of a building and wear racist signs into Harlem to discuss Ed’s GOAT: John McClane from the  Die Hard franchise! Yippie ki-yay.


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Apr 6, 2020

Ed, Ron and Producer Bill go EEEEVIL with a true quarantine nightmare: The Xenomorph from the Alien franchise! Still the greatest movie monster OF ALL TIME.


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Mar 2, 2020

Ed and Ron talk to cosplayer Stephanie Sandmeier about her Nerd GOAT: Mulan! Learn the history of a cultural icon, and her crucial links to Matt Damon and Danny Osmond.

Stephanie hosts the super-enjoyable mukbang show FOODIE FUNCTION on NerdBot Media. She's also a passionate cosplayer who will be slaying as Mulan...

Feb 24, 2020

Ron and Ed go EEEEVIL -- kinda?! -- with Klee Wiggins and her villain-ish GOAT: Boba Fett from Star Wars! Witness the continuing saga of Ed Greer vs The Jedi!

Klee is a super-talented comedy writer and standup comedian who can be seen on the MOVIE TRIVIA SCHMOEDOWN this Wednesday, 2/26! Follow @KleeWiggins on Twitter...