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Jun 27, 2019

Double-sized anniversary issue! Ron and Ed welcome fan-favorite guest Billy Business, to close out the Tournament of GOATs...And crown The GOAT of GOATS!

The Elite Eight, based on YOUR votes:

From the YOUNG PUNKS Division: Robin vs. Ultimate Spider-Man!

From the MISUNDERSTOOD OUTSIDERS: Beetlejuice vs. Rocky Balboa!

From the DASHING ROGUES: Indiana Jones vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi!

From the BADASS LEADERS: Captain America vs. Leia Organa!

It's comic book greats vs. icons of cinema! Who will reign supreme? Will Star Wars crack the Final Four? Will Cap ride the high of Endgame all the way to the title?! Will Ultimate Spider-Man make it 2 years running with a Spider-Man as champion? Or will Rocky Balboa pull a Rocky Balboa and come outta nowhere to take the belt?! Listen to find out!

Billy Business is a senior producer at Screen Junkies, the outfit behind all your OTHER favorite nerd content! He also hosts the wonderful podcast HOT TAKES with Billy Business, providing controversial second opinions on hot-button geek properties with intelligence, wit and charm. Follow Billy @billyapatterson on Twitter and Instagram, and go subscribe to his podcast!

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