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Jul 2, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to the hilarious Quincy Johnson II about his Nerd GOAT: Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes! Kicking off Season 3: Nerd GOAT Goes EEEEVIL!

Quincy is a Los Angeles-based comedian who hosts shows all over town. Follow @quincyjohnsonii on Twitter and Instagram to find out when and where! If you're in LA, go see his podcast TUSKEGEE JOKEMEN record LIVE at The Comedy Store on July 14, or at least check it out on YouTube.


“He’s so smart, he doesn’t care about the end goal of ‘Oh, I want complete domination’ or ‘I want complete destruction.’ He just wants to see if he can get away with it.”

“When I write, if I ever wanted to create a villain, I’d do everything in my power not to create a Moriarty. You don’t want to create the unsolvable.”

“Codes before hoes.”

“It cost him 150 f**king dollars to watch Brandon Lee looking at Dolph Lundgren coming out of a sauna and go, ‘That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen on a man.’”

“You lit a bleck walk into my castle?!”

“Two Dick Cheneys is pretty much a Lex Luthor.”

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