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Jul 15, 2019

Ed and Ron continue Nerd GOAT Goes EEEEVIL with returning favorite Maronzio Vance and his Villain GOAT: Thanos! Hear us wrestle with the morality of genocide!

Aside from being Ed's writing partner and an all-around dope dude, Maronzio is an incredible comedian who is a Los Angeles regular and will be next performing out of town in Phoenix in September. Go see one of his shows! Check out his podcast KILLING TIME, and follow @maronziovance on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


"Comic book Thanos I connect with because he wanted to impress a woman."

"If it was like one of those Black Panther type of 'we gotta fight to see if you're worthy of carrying the crown,' he'd be like 'Take my power away! I'm gonna whoop your ass anyway!'"

"Put all your sorries in a sack, all your madness in a sack, and just unload it on somebody like that bagel motherf**ker from Twitter – that's the problem!"

"If I know you're gonna kill me later, catch me slipping? And I can catch you slipping? I'm gonna f**k you up."

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