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Jul 23, 2019

Ron and Ed go EEEEVIL with Vanessa Gritton talking about her Villain GOAT: Scar! Join our search for the murky line between alienation and brother-murder.

Vanessa is one of the stars of EL REY NATION, a kickass geek panel show every Thursday at 10:30p on El Rey Network! She's also a member of the hilarious sketch comedy team NIGHTCHURCH, who put on a live show dedicated to the video store era! Check out their YouTube channel for a taste of the shenanigans. Follow @nesgritton on Twitter and Instagram!

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“I think the two best universes for really interesting, complex villains are the DC Universe and the Disney Universe."

"The entire time I was watching Black Panther, I was like ‘I think I love this BECAUSE this is Lion King.’”

"Ursula’s based off a drag queen. Ursula was based off of Divine."

"Oh, I am fully under the thumb of Big Cured Meats."

"When you see life rewarding people who suck, you go f**king crazy."

"Five years ago I ate a button!"

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