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Jul 29, 2019

Ed and Ron welcome comics legend Darick Robertson to talk about his Nerd GOAT: The Flash, as well as the Amazon Prime adaptation of his beloved creation The Boys!

Darick is one of the most prolific and storied artists in comics. He’s the co-creator of THE BOYS with Garth Ennis, TRANSMETROPOLITAN with Warren Ellis, HAPPY! with Grant Morrison, and some of your favorite Marvel, DC and Ultraverse titles of the past thirty years. Go watch THE BOYS on Amazon Prime IMMEDIATELY, it comes with the Nerd GOAT Seal of Approval! Then, buy some Darick Robertson comics, dammit.

Check out his new series OLIVER with screenwriter Gary Whitta from Image, his newish series BALLISTIC from Black Mask Studios, and maybe keep your eyes on what DC’s up to for future announcements… Follow @DarickR on Twitter, @DarickWR on Instagram, and check out for news, updates and original art for sale!

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“It’s like out of my brain meat onto their skin meat.”

“I learned to draw because of The Flash.”

“When we were originally gonna do The Boys, it was supposed to be set in the DCU, like Hitman.”

“A brilliant producer, showrunner, director, any of those type of people: Their best talent, when they’re great, is ‘Hey man, gimme them young ideas! I don’ give a f**k.’”

“I didn’t go to art school, I barely made it out of high school.”

“I was like, ‘I’m buying these boots but I’m not gonna wear ‘em until I can wear ‘em on the red carpet at The Boys movie premiere. I’m saving ‘em for then.’ And that was 2008. And they sat in my closet, untouched, until this weekend.”

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