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Aug 19, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to El Rey Nation star Hector Navarro about his Nerd GOAT: Iron Man! PART 1 of our first-ever, much-deserved 2-part episode.

Hector is one of the most legit pop culture commentators in the game. In addition to his high-profile work on EL REY NATION, he's also the longtime co-host of DC DAILY, which is available for free on YouTube but is best enjoyed as part of your subscription to DC Universe. Follow @HectorIsFunny on Twitter and Instagram!

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“Tony Stark was always modeled on Howard Hughes, and I feel like by the time we got to the 90s, that almost made him feel old-fashioned.”

“He pops a cork and starts drinking a bottle of wine, and his sacrifice to Odin is his sobriety.”

“He was created basically on a dare.”

“Sixth reason he was so f**king boring, he was Infrastructure Man. They live in this motherfu**ker’s house, he’s paying the bills. Name someone cool who you knew as a kid who was paying the bills!” “Not my dad.”

“I doubt that really good-looking, really successful actor Chris Evans knew about Captain America. What I’m putting that on is: Somebody pitched that character to him correctly.”

“Oh, a billionaire who gives a shit, at that level of employees, is an American fantasy.”

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