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Aug 26, 2019

Ed and Ron are back with DC Daily star Hector Navarro to wrap up the epic discussion of his Nerd GOAT: Iron Man! Prepare for THE FINAL WORD on Endgame.

Hector is STILL one of the most legit pop culture commentators in the game. Check him out on geek news and discussion shows EL REY NATION and DC DAILY, the latter of which is available for free on YouTube but is best enjoyed as part of your subscription to DC Universe. Follow @HectorIsFunny on Twitter and Instagram!

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“If Robert Downey can get nominated for Tropic Thunder, I think that Avengers: Endgame is on the table."

"We gave two Chrises three movies a piece. You know? We gotta mix it up a little bit."

"Tom Cruise in Iron Man would’ve been fine."

"Before the movies became as successful as they were? Way easier to do risky stuff in comics."

“I have wrestled with this, I’ve thought about this, I thought: What if Peter Parker did get replaced by Miles Morales? And I thought about it and I went: ‘Y’know what? FINE.’”

"Did you just say Tony Stark would send a kid a bunch of porn?" "I mean, you did say that.”

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