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Sep 9, 2019

Ed and Ron welcome Screen Junkies' Hal Rudnick to chat about his Nerd GOAT: Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise! HOOT HOOT, Owl Nation.

In addition to being a prolific writer/actor, Hal is the longtime host of Screen Junkies' MOVIE FIGHTS! He teaches comedy in Los Angeles at the UCB Theatre, where he also co-hosts the venerable live show TOURNAMENT OF NERDS! Follow @halrudnick on Twitter and Instagram!


“Our dogs don’t have to watch us live in sin anymore.”

“Some of the posters I made were a little too hot for Northern Highlands Regional High School.”

“There was a xenomorph on my wedding cake.”

“I don’t wanna see Ellen get her revenge, it wasn’t worth it. The crime done to her wasn’t worth the revenge she’s eventually gonna get.”

“Newt is great. Mostly.”

“Hey, life f**king sucks! But, you deal, you handle it, you keep moving on. You weren’t trained to do this? Guess what! Life doesn’t care.”

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