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Sep 16, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to musician Bonnie Gordon about her Nerd GOAT: Sherlock Holmes! How does a Victorian, asexual, musical sociopath remain such a modern icon?

Bonnie is one half of the incredible nerd parody band THE LIBRARY BARDS, who rock the F out for fandom! Go buy their new album BOMBARDED wherever you get rad music! Bonnie is also a long-time contributor to the venerable Geek & Sundry! Follow @BonnieBellG on Twitter and Instagram. Even better, follow @LibraryBards on Patreon, YouTube, Soundcloud, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with her musical stylings!

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“I wore headgear, oh yeah. Like you could hang clothing hangers from my mouth.”

“I used to be on a Harry Potter improv team.”

“They say money that you steal or money that you gamble and you win feels better than money that you earned regular-style. Well, I feel that way about knowledge. Like, if I’m learning some shit while I’m supposed to be working? Gotcha!”

“I recently, like this past year-and-a-half, I discovered that I identify as gray-sexual.”

“Man, I can’t wait ’til somebody gets murdered so I can do some shit, because I am bored right now.”

“Aw yeah, people are humans!”

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