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Sep 23, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to Travis Clark about his Nerd GOAT: KITT! One of our funniest episodes ever, and Part 1 of THE ROBOT GOAT APOCALYPSE!

The Robot GOAT Apocalypse parts 2 and 3 move from A.I. to an android then a cyborg...WHO WILL THESE GOATS BE?! You gotta listen to find out! These next two episodes are 100% two of the biggest characters in all of geekdom.

Travis is a producer for Spotify's Parcast Studios, and the co-host of three incredible music shows on the Unpopular Opinion Network – the Korn podcast POD THE LIFE, the Limp Bizkit podcast 3 DOLLAR POD, Y'ALL, and the Nirvana podcast HEART-SHAPED POD.  Follow @TrackRivals on Twitter and Instagram for more from Travis!

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR LOS ANGELES COMIC-CON, OCTOBER 11-13! Nerd GOAT has partnered with the great Billy Business for an awesome new venture that starts with a live LACC panel! Watch this space for details.



“If little Elon Musk didn’t watch that show, nobody would have a car that drives itself and talks to you.”

“I don’t mean to be the arbiter of kindness, but choking bitches is not okay.”

“I’ve trapped a car in a loveless marriage.”

“It was Batman and Robin, but the car was Batman.”

Knight Rider was so popular that, yeah, Airwolf happened. But then they were running out of vehicles so they made Streethawk, which was an indestructible motorcycle? And you’re like, ‘Yeeeah, but the guy is still gonna explode.’”

"I kinda wish your dad was a Trans Am."

"We call it Mid-Life Chrysler! That’s the name of the show!"

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