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Oct 7, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to The Buy Pile's Hannibal Tabu about his Nerd GOAT: Dark Lord of the Sith himself Darth Vader! The grand finale of THE ROBOT GOAT APOCALYPSE!

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HOW TO REBOOT BATMAN  |  Sunday, October 13 @ 2:30pm in Room 406ABclick here to get your tickets!

Hannibal is a prolific comics writer, journalist and gadfly! His review column THE BUY PILE has been running since 2006 on CBR. Check out his new comic book PROJECT WILDFIRE: STREET JUSTICE, dropping at the end of the month on The Operative Network! Listen to his radio show IT'S KOMPLICATED Fridays at 5pm on LPFM.LA or, if you're in Los Angeles (say for LA Comic-Con?!), on 101.5 KQBH. And find links to ALL of his work at Follow @hannibaltabu on Twitter and Instagram!


“I’ve always enjoyed the prequels for two reasons. First of all, that it proved Palpatine was right and all those people had to die.”

“Yoda says, you know, ‘Dark Side not more powerful. Faster. Easier.’ I’m like, ’Sign me up! That’s all you need to say!’”

“It’s only ever been one mission. He told you on the field in Attack of the Clones: ‘Well, someone should make them.’ He always felt that dictatorship was the thing.”

“You can never raise your hand to a woman! You can hire another woman to do it, but you can’t do it.”

“Find me a dude who can’t cook an egg and wash clothes, and I’ll find you a dude who loves Batman. ‘Cause Batman is hyper competent."

“You gotta get that classy diabetes.”

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