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Oct 21, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to showrunner-in-training Misty Stinnett about her Nerd GOAT: Anne of Green Gables! Pop culture's first punk-rock heroine to flip society the bird!

Misty has been a writer's assistant on TV's CLOAK & DAGGER, THE FOSTERS, and to the legendary Jenji Kohan on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. She co-hosts the indispensible podcast GO HELP YOURSELF, a critical deep-dive into self-help books and movements. Follow @mistyroseyposey on Twitter and @mistyrose on Instagram!

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“As little boys, you’ve got Stand By Me, you’ve got The Goonies, y’know, The Sandlot. You’ve got all these really fantastical things to see yourself in.”

“The first thirty minutes of that movie, my jaw was on the floor, and I left that theater going, ‘I finally f**king get it. I finally get why little boys and men are so excited about comic book movies and superheroes.’”

“It’s also not Anne’s fault that Diana sat there like a f**king lush and downed an entire bottle of currant wine while she wasn’t looking!”

“I should just be dirty and dumb and shitty for a while, and then eventually get what I want because I stuck to my guns.”

“Kids are more and more mature, sooner? No they’re not. They stay really really stupid until they’re like 25, just like they always have.”

“Her masculine thoughts weighed down the plane!”

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