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Nov 18, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to Abed Gheith about his Nerd GOAT: Donald Duck! A walk down memory lane, from childhood to the early days of Hollywood institution Channel 101!

Abed is a longtime collaborator of Rick & Morty co-creator Justin Roiland, and this episode contains their secret origin. In addition to writing on RICK AND MORTY, Abed has performed and written for shows across the comedy dial. He also has some amazing comics projects in the works. His podcast GONE RIFFIN' is on hiatus, but listen to the back catalog, it's hilarious. Follow @abedg on Twitter and Instagram for more!


“I have a theory. And that’s that everybody’s life is full of terrible sh*t. And so what happens is you watch this guy going through all this terrible sh*t, and the terrible sh*t that’s happening to you? Not as big a deal!”

“So basically, Donald Duck had stuff in his butt, go.”

“Imagine Indiana Jones has succeeded. Like, he’s destroyed all his enemies. He’s Scrooge McDuck then.”

“There was a row of Hitler pictures coming down a conveyor belt, and he had to ‘Heil Hitler’ on each picture as it went into a bin.”

“That’s how you make Donald Duck relevant again, just make him a Donald Trump analogue.”

“Donald Trumpduck and the Space Force! It writes itself.”

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