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Nov 25, 2019

Ron and Ed talk to the incredible Bryan Edward Hill about his Nerd GOAT: Batman! Another blockbuster guest who has helped shape the GOAT he's loved since childhood.

Bryan is a prolific writer for comics, television and film. In addition to his work on DC Universe's TITANS, he is currently writing BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS for DC, X-MEN: FALLEN ANGELS for Marvel, and his outstanding original AMERICAN CARNAGE has been hailed as "the best Vertigo book in years." Follow @bryanedwardhill on Twitter and @bryanehill on Instagram!


“Back when I was in my 20s, I would essentially socialize in a constant Michael Keaton impression.”

“An editor from Marvel was like, ‘You have no talent, you’ll never write comics.’”

“You don’t have to dress up like a bat if you don’t leave any witnesses. That’s why the Punisher doesn’t wear a mask.”

“Lost loved ones become mythical to us. That might not be accurate to who they are.”

“He sees himself as a solution. As a radical solution to a radical problem. But I don’t think Bruce Wayne sees himself as something you should be.”

“I went into the thing and I was like, ‘Listen. I’m not buying a Ferrari. But, I’m writing Batman and I’d like to get a Ferrari experience.’ And dude was like, ‘One second.’”

“If you were just gonna drop Moon Knight and Batman into a well, Moon Knight’s climbing out that well.”

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