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Dec 16, 2019

Ed and Ron talk to José Suicidio himself Henry Phillips about his Nerd GOAT: Bobby Goren from Criminal Intent! The primetime procedural character that broke the mold.

Henry is a prolific comedian and actor with a bevy of great projects out in the world. Check him out in the final season of SILICON VALLEY, binge his amazing satirical cooking show HENRY'S KITCHEN (and support the Patreon!), and DO NOT MISS his musical stylings as JOSÉ SUICIDIO. All of his work can be found on his website Follow @Henlips on Twitter and Instagram!

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“We all know that a road comic’s best friend is Law & Order.”

“I’m gonna try to say this as delicately as possible so that I don’t get my ass kicked by policemen.”

“When he went undercover inside a f**kin’ mental hospital, he didn’t tell anybody.”

“All of a sudden she’s got super-aggressive brain cancer that she got from a Singapore dick slug!”

“Also, here’s all of the heroin. In pill form! In pill form.”

“Somebody’s child might or might not have taken something of mine, and I did a little bit of detective work and pretty much came up conclusive. Didn’t go to the extent of putting a camera up.” “You didn’t tell them they had AIDS?” “Yeah exactly. I didn’t go hardcore with it.”

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