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Jan 20, 2020

Ron and Ed talk to Profiles in Eccentricity's Aaron Pita about his Nerd GOAT: Dr Manhattan! Spoilers for the Watchmen TV series and the Doomsday Clock comic series!

Aaron, of course, is the Be-All-End-All Ken Doll, the Skeet Lovers’ Pizza, and the co-host of one of our favorite podcasts: PROFILES IN ECCENTRICITY from Starburns Audio! PIE is a Nerd GOAT-style deep dive into history’s greatest weirdos and rogue geniuses. Follow the show @ProfilesInEccentricity on Instagram, and @AaronPita on Twitter for hilarity and insights aplenty!



“If you know Ron Swallow, you know he loves facts and dick jokes.”

"What, you get the New Testament, the last time anybody ever had a thought of like, 'What does it mean to be God?'"

"As a younger man, it's 'Holy sh*t, look at the stuff this guy can do.' And then, as you age, it's 'Holy sh*t, look at the stuff he CAN'T do.' And as you get a little older, it's 'Holy sh*t, look at the stuff he WON'T do.'"

"He's Dr New Jersey." "Oh god. 'Ey, check out my DICK!'" "Dude, Dr New Jersey is orange. He's just as nude." "Smells like sh*t." "But he's even buffer for some reason?"

"These white people displaced my atoms, baby!" "I'd love to keep this thing going, what with the three kids that aren't mine and all. By the way, there's a mess in the kitchen, bye!"

"Volcana is just the heaviest-breasted milk-truck of a woman. She's fantastic."

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