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Jun 15, 2020

Ed and Ron talk to Screen Junkies' Eric Goldman about his Nerd GOAT: Kitty Pryde! The absolute heart and soul of the X-Men, unfairly sidelined!


Eric is the Executive Editor at Fandom Entertainment, responsible for huge amounts of content you love at He also co-hosts the WE ENJOY WRESTLING podcast, and spent years working as an editor for IGN and Marvel. Follow @theericgoldman on Twitter and Instagram, and @WEWPodcast on Twitter!



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“It was like a good version of how they foisted Gambit on us. They knew they wanted to jam some character up our butts, and they were like, ‘Okay, here’s the lube, here’s some relaxing Enya music, we’re gonna do this consensually and cool and you’re gonna like it, I promise.’”


“Jubilee had so been positioned as the new Kitty. They basically were like, ‘We need a new young, plucky teen for Logan to mentor!’”


“I’m a Hebrew school dropout who didn’t get a Bar Mitzvah, and I celebrated Christmas growing up because it was more fun.”


“Let’s also talk about the fact that she has a dragon who is, like, her buddy.”


“It’s almost like you swim the English Channel, and you grab f’’king Colossus, then you swim back. That’s what she did.”


“He cheats on his underage girlfriend with an alien he meets.”



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