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Jun 22, 2020

Double-sized anniversary episode! Ron and Ed welcome fan-favorite guest Hector Navarro from DC Daily to close out the Tournament...And crown The Third GOAT of GOATS!


ATTENTION! Be sure to listen through to the very end of the podcast for an extremely important announcement.


The Elite Eight, based on YOUR votes:

From the VILLAINS Division: Magneto vs. Darth Vader!

From ROGUES & ANTI-HEROES: Han Solo vs. Batman!

From POWERLESS ICONS: Sherlock Holmes vs. Ellen Ripley!

From RAW POWER: Thor vs. Storm!

Marvel shows up strong with 3 Quarterfinalists! Star Wars powers up 2 contenders, including the Dark Lord of the Sith himself! Batman makes his SECOND Elite Eight appearance! And Powerless Icons throws two great curveballs!

Hector Navarro is a host of the beloved geek talk show DC Daily! Follow Hector @hectorisfunny on Twitter and Instagram, and go subscribe to his podcast!

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