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Mar 5, 2018

Ron and Ed welcome comedian Erikka Innes, and things get as crazy as her Nerd GOAT: Harley Quinn!

Erikka is a standup comic whose new special Unicorn Dance Party 2 is now available on Amazon Prime. It's a follow-up to her first two comedy albums, Sex With Nerds and Smells Like Nerd Spirit, which are also found on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and basically all over the internet.

Check out Erikka's website for way more funny stuff,, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @nerdgirlcomedy!



"There's gotta be some standards! ...That I invented right now to exclude people that I'm scared of."

"If you rape a Predator, is that rape? Or is that what Predator's into?"

"He's made of toxins, his hair's fucking green, you think his jizz is regular?"

"When Batman gets around Harley, he gets like extra-rigid and extra-douchebaggy."

"Invest some production value into this parody porn, and have mountains blowing up from your vigorous lovemaking!" "Porn directed by Zack Snyder?"

"I'm not tryna go super-SJW on dat ass." "I think you just broke some SJW rules."

"Fuck you, Ron! You created me! You dropped me in that vat of sandwiches!"

"Then Red Sonja comes along, chops them both in half, summons a demon, and DESTROYS THE WORLD!" "Oh. Wow."

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