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Mar 12, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to geek luminary Dani Fernandez about her Nerd GOAT: Vegeta, from Dragon Ball! She will make you love this series.

BIG NEWS! Dani will be taking over the Funimation YouTube Channel for a LIVE watchalong of Dragon Ball Super's FINAL EPISODE, March 17. Tune in for the livestream!

Dani is a writer, actress and prolific performer who hosts the upcoming Nerdificent podcast for "How Stuff Works". Check out the preview episode on March 27, and in the meantime follow the show on Twitter @nerdificent. Find Dani on Twitter and Instagram @msdanifernandez.


"They go like eighteen episodes shirtless with just like their nipples out. And I mean they're jacked to shit. So my little horny self was like, 'Holy hell. Okay, forget Hey Arnold.'"

"Evil, malicious, vengeful. You know, everything that I was when I was in fifth grade."

"Goku's just a goofy weirdo who really wants to fight dudes." 

"Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor would definitely break into dance and to song."

"Early Vegeta wouldn't give you orgasms. I mean, you might get one on accident, just because he's gonna last a long time."

"You're just straight up showing his butthole on this cartoon."

"Social justice, inclusion, diversity garbage? They're the fucking foundation of comics!"

"I got this Saiyan dick and I can also go back in time."

"Nobody wants to read books and deal with family, they want to smack the shit out of people in the clouds!"

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