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Mar 19, 2018

Ron and Ed talk to best-selling comedian Nat Baimel about his Nerd GOAT: WWE Champion Daniel Bryan! An amazing underdog story even if you don't dig wrestling. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Nat recently released his new special Be Nice! and it became the #1-selling comedy album on Amazon! Go check it out on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, wherever – it's nerd-friendly and hilarious. Follow Nat @NatBaimel on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and check out his website at!


"I got into doing standup when my two other childhood dreams failed."

"I was a Tai Chi instructor for Alzheimer's patients for about a year."

"I was that kid who was like, 'Fine, I get it. WWF is fake. But ECW is real!'"

"He went to his announcer, pulled off his suit, and choked him with his tie."

"He's a good wrestler, but he's never gonna be in the WWE. Then he gets there and they're like, 'Ok, but they're never gonna do anything with him,' and then the biggest show of the year ends with him holding up both championships as confetti rains down."

"The gatekeepers didn't want him to be their guy, but because he was so undeniable with what he did, he forced their hand."

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