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Mar 26, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to geek comedian extraordinaire Ify Nwadiwe about his Nerd GOAT: Goku! A direct response to Dani Fernandez (Ify's podcast co-host) and her GOAT Vegeta.

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Ify co-hosts the brand-new NERDIFICENT podcast on the How Stuff Works network, as well as the podcast Candy Dinner. He is also a seasoned improv-er who performs every second Friday in L.A. with his troupe White Women. The show is Your Token Friend at the UCB Theatre on Sunset Blvd. Follow him @ifynwadiwe on Twitter and Instagram.


"Who wanna indoctrinate the pussy? Who are these people?! 'I refuse to get cooch unless I can properly prepare it!'"

"People deserve a second chance. You just gotta kick they ass first a little bit."

"You just started an audio jihad on us."

"It's the hyperbole chamber? Like you hop up in that thing and are like, 'Yo, my fish was THIS big, my dick is THIS long!'"

"Saiyan is a race of aliens where the more Aryan they get, the stronger they get."

"Black Panther. To paraphrase Chris Rock: Even in our finest hour, he was doing herb and drinking purple drank."

Stay until the end to hear Ify and Ron reveal to Ed for the first time: MISTER POPO, one of the most racist characters ever shown on a popular children's cartoon (and that's saying something!).

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