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Jul 16, 2018

Ron and Ed talk to experimental comedy psychotherapist Jeff Amaral about his Nerd GOAT: Tony Soprano! Stay 'til the end for the best Battle Royale we've ever done.

Jeff created and produces The Painting Show, the strangest deconstruction of a talk show you'll ever see. Go to to watch Dennis Rodman and Corey Feldman get analyzed like their psychology is a football playbook. It's worth it. Follow the show @ThePaintingShow on Twitter and Facebook, and follow Jeff @thejeffamaral on Instagram.

ATTENTION COMIC-CONNERS: Ed and Ron will be roaming the halls as well as appearing on panels and at venue-adjacent comedy shows. DM @nerdgoatpodcast on Twitter or @edgreerdestroys or @ronswallow on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook (yes, seriously!) to meet up, share Nerd GOAT feedback, and take home a little swag.


"I definitely was at a point in my life where self-reflection was starting to enter it in a more vigorous and serious way." "Yeah, I really hate that."

"Not only did you fuck up Batman's fight choreography, but you put this shit in my head."

"He has to 'Three's Company' his way around showing Meadow the school, and finding this dude and killing him."

"What you're saying is: Tony Soprano is Chris Hardwick."

"'Why the f**k do you got dreads? You know what a f**kin' disgrace this is! You're a white man! Under alla this sh*t, you're a white man! Act like it.' Then he'd hit him with a phone book."

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