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Aug 13, 2018

Ron and Ed welcome comic/actress Valerie Tosi to talk about her Nerd GOAT: Dana Scully! Our first guest to ever play their GOAT on TV!

See Valerie this Halloween on the new season of IFC's Stan Against Evil! She plays Agent Flesbitt, a skeptical FBI agent investigating paranormal activity in the show's small town. It's a parody that should sound very familiar after listening to this Nerd GOAT. Valerie also hosts the longest-running all-female show at the Hollywood Improv, The Mermaid Comedy Hour. Check out her website for upcoming standup dates, and follow her @valerie_tosi on Twitter and Instagram.

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"Anything that was violent, or scary, or toilet humor was totally fine. But if it was like, two teenagers talking about doing it, my dad would go: 'ABSOLUTELY NOT!'"

"When Steve Rogers and Bucky finally kiss, that's going to be the biggest unrequited ship, but until then, it's Scully and Mulder."

"Sometimes in the morning when I need a pump-up song, I'm like, 'Do I wanna listen to Alanis, Whitney or Scully Loves Science?'"

"I used to be part of a natural science team where we'd dissect whales."

"'Hey Mulder, we know that you can't talk to people, so you know, let me handle this.' He would try, and she'd be like, 'Ah man, why do I let him talk to ANYONE?'"

"That was a very cis compliment."

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