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Sep 3, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to their producer Bill Castonzo about his Nerd GOAT: Superman! A deep dive into Neitzsche, archetypes, art, science and Ed's anti-Superman bias.

Bill is the voice in the producer's chair every week on this show. He's a producer behind the BAIL BONDS MEDIA podcast network, and an on-air contributor to its podcasts SEXUAL DISORIENTATION and THE GREAT BIG LIE. He continues to develop television and has produced many canceled shows in reruns across cable. But his first and greatest love will always be comics.

See Bill draw @seebilldraw on Instagram, where he flexes artistic muscles on nerdy passion projects. Follow him on Quora for intellectual musings on the DC Universe (and various other topics). Or write us at:, if you want to bug Bill about this very podcast!


"Angry swing dancing." "That's how you show that somebody's gone evil."

"There is a crazy six months in late '92/early '93, where Image Comics happened, the Batman animated series started, the X-Men cartoon started, and Superman died."

"He's not pulpy. He's not like 'Put him in a death trap and that's your story,' which 99% of other superheroes are."

"Superman's problem is the same problem that the Punisher has."

"They crack the moon f**king this dude up!"

"Warren Ellis and Garth Ennis will drag any superhero through the mud that you can imagine, except for Superman."

"To get Superman's character right, he's an amalgamation of three real-life people..."

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