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Sep 10, 2018

Ron and Ed talk to Screen Junkies' Ryan O'Toole about his Nerd GOAT: Captain America! Or: How Gen Z uses Steve Rogers to dissect the white male ego.

At age 24, Ryan brings a view on Cap shaped by growing up in post-9/11, MCU-dominated America. You will not want to miss these takes. Ryan is a producer at Screen Junkies, and the man behind @Screenjunkies in the SJ live chat. He also produces and performs in the comedy show Group Shower at The Clubhouse in Los Angeles. Follow him @ryanohtrue on Twitter and Instagram, and follow Group Shower @groupshowershow on Twitter!


"We had to jack off in shifts."

"His shield smells like Dippin' Dots."

"When the chaos is coming and the aliens are invading, who's the quarterback to give us the call? You know, that's a really good skill, but I think we fetishize that too much."

"He's a super-soldier wandering the streets of America. Like a pretty well-adjusted Rambo."

"You gotta open mic these ideals, you know what I mean? You gotta hear it out loud. You can't just be showing up to Capitol Hill with new material."

"I could say the shittiest thing he ever did was wanting so badly to go to war."

"If Captain America was like the father of a girl I was dating, he would definitely have shown me his gun."

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