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Oct 1, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to ScreenJunkies' Billy Business about his Nerd GOAT: Indiana Jones! PLUS: The merits of Solo, and our best "How Would You Write It?" EVER.

Billy Business is one of the longtime producers behind SCREENJUNKIES, and definitely more than Ed's third-favorite SJ employee! Subscribe to the ScreenJunkies channel for the best geek content on YouTube. Follow Billy @billyapatterson on Twitter and Instagram.


"I had a whole list of about 70 different synonyms for 'sexy'."

"You used to look like a piece of shit when you had long hair, I can't believe you didn't kill yourself! You look great now."

"He's buckled some swash."

"Say Jar Jar all you want, Willie Scott is the worst character that ever came out of Lucasfilm, HANDS DOWN."

"This guy's a hero! Yeah, he punches kids, he pushes ladies down..." "Well, he's an edgy hero."

"Let me say, as a comedian and, therefore, part time narcissist, your lack of ego is gross."

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