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Oct 8, 2018

Ron and Ed talk to comedian Jim Bruce about his Nerd GOAT: Hank Venture! For Venture Bro newbies, BE WARNED! BIG spoilers abound in mins. 25:00 - 28:00!

Jim is a hysterical old-school road comic. He hosts STAY IN YOUR LANE COMEDY at the Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, CA, one of the best nights of entertainment in the LA area. He also hosts the podcast WHO'S THIS NOW?, a wildly successful talk show on a fictional network featuring well-known comics and the fabulously famous luminaries they pretend to be. Check it out, and follow Jim @comicjimbruce for laughs all over Twitter.


"Dummies for miles is brutal."

"Venture Brothers is the smart show people think Rick and Morty is."

"He's constantly trying to get laid, he's inept at it, both things I could relate to."

"Again, this is a spoiler I guess, but honest to god, watch the f*cking show, idiots."

"If I had sex with my sister by accident, that's what I would do."

“The labels that we put on each other don't always fit really well."

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