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Oct 29, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to David “Rosie” Rosenberg about his Nerd GOAT: Harry Potter! A stirring call to arms to love the ACTUAL HERO of the god damn story.

Rosie is one of the best crowd-work stand-ups you’ll ever see. If you’re in LA, do so on Halloween night at Harvelle’s Long Beach for the legendary FREAK SHOW. Follow Rosie @rosiepigs on Twitter and Instagram.


"I'm the Hatfields and magic is the McCoys."

"Your name's Dylan or Brad or Tyler, you were in charge! You don't get to be Harry Potter, you were Draco to the rest of us."

"G.I. Joe was confusing to me, because there's no god damn G.I. Joe! There's no 'Joe'."

"I think that if you read enough sci-fi, you start convincing yourself that you're special."

"Part of my rebellion against nerd-dom as an adult is, one: No, this is what I worked to, like, not do!  Like, I tried SO HARD not to be a nerd! And then there's a snobby...almost a hipsterism of: Guys, we can't all be nerds. We can't all do this!"

"Only wusses are in Hufflepuff."

"The Midichlorian rent is too damn high!"

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