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Nov 12, 2018

Ed and Ron talk to Ron's one-true-love Ariel Staehle about her Nerd GOAT: Princess Leia (or General Organa if ya nasty)!

Ariel is an actress and phenomenal cosplayer who you should follow @thegeekydreamer on Instagram and Facebook, and @thageekydreamer on Twitter! She and Ron just appeared on the "Dating A Geek" panel at LA Comic Con and are lining up more convention appearances to talk about being nerds in love.


"She talked to Darth Vader like he was a simpleton, or just some thug."

"A nicely tailored body sleeve, the highest of Hutt fashion."

"Space racism is super-funny all the time."

"When you have a human baby with incest tentacles, imagine how much Force powers you'd have!"

"The Star Wars Universe is good for having a twenty year period where I don't know what the f**k went on."

"Leia force-chokes Ruth Bader Ginsburg?"

"I don't agree with anything that is spoken on this show, I am a woman."

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